18 April, 2020
15th International Conference on Electromechanics and Robotics Zavalishin's Readings  2020 by SUAI

15th International Conference on Electromechanics and Robotics Zavalishin's Readings 2020 by SUAI

April 15-18, 2020 SUAI held the XV International Conference on Electromechanics and Robotics Zavalishin's Readings 2020 simultaneously to the XIV International Conference Vibration 2020.

This year the Conference was held online due to the pandemic situation. The new Boiling Point Center at SUAI provided the necessary means and technologies to make this digital event possible.

The Conference is an open platform for knowledge exchange between researchers, faculties, PhD students and undergraduates concerning automated control systems, technical physics, electromechanics, management in power engineering, dynamics, mechatronics, robotics, biomechanical systems and technologies and other topics.

Over the years the Conference has evolved in its concepts broadening fields of interest and geographical participation. Reports by leading national and international researchers were heard by the participants who also witnessed the latest achievements in robotics, automation and power engineering.

The best articles and reports are to be published in Russian and English respectively in the journals of the Conference.

We thank everyone for active participation and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2021 at SUAI.

30 March, 2020
Letter of Support from SSPU

Letter of Support from SSPU

One of SUAIs key partner universities, Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU), sent a letter of support to cheer up SUAIs employees.

Dear Rector Yulia Antokhina and partners from SUAI,

We greet you and thank for the words of support that you sent us during the pandemic situation in China. We feel your support and care.

The situation with COVID-19 is aggravating and the number of cases in Russia is growing. We would like to encourage you and your colleagues, SUAIs students and faculties. Take care of your health and safety, please. We strongly believe that joint efforts by Russian people and world community will see the problem solved.

SUAI is an important partner to SSPU. Our cooperation has been increasing yearly and we have achieved great results together. We believe that the virus will be defeated and our partnership and friendship will last forever.

Best regards,

Shanghai Polytechnic University

30 March, 2020
SUAI at AeroTech 2020

SUAI at AeroTech 2020

February 26-28, 2020 Tokyo hosted the Aerospace Technology & Components Expo AeroTech 2020, with universities, R&D centers and industries arriving to represent achievements and establish contacts.

A SUAI delegation headed by the Rector Yulia Antokhina participated in the exhibition, meeting worlds leading aerospace entities.

Kyushu University, NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO CO, Unipulse Corporation, Jinpo4.0, alfaTKG Co., URYU Seisaku and Sigma Corporation are among new partners of SUAIs institutes and laboratories. These are large companies with activities and businesses in robotics, aerospace technologies, electronics and mechanics.

AeroTech 2020 was a significant event promoting SUAI in the world of aerospace industries, science and education.

14 March, 2020
SUAI Participates in XIX International Conference on Quality Control

SUAI Participates in XIX International Conference on Quality Control

March 13, 2020 a delegation from SUAIs Institute of Fundamental Training and Technological Innovations took part in the XIX International Scientific and Practical Conference on Quality Control in Moscow.

The annual Conference has taken place since 2002 with participants from industries, certification authorities, universities and consulting companies.

SUAIs students presented reports and answered to the audiences questions.

13 March, 2020
SUAI Develops Energetics of Future

SUAI Develops Energetics of Future

SUAIs Engineering Laboratory opens a new branch called Laboratory of Energetics to train experts required in modern times. The new laboratory will teach digital energetics, smart networks of power supply and latest competences within WorldSkills initiatives.

SUAI, a strong university in electronics, energetics and electromechanics, is a suitable base for developing innovations using well-equipped laboratories.

The Rector Yulia Antokhina opened the new laboratory under SUAIs Engineering Laboratory, which now unites 7 up-to-date R&D laboratories.