Unknown East

Unknown East

April 8, 2019 Renaissance Hotel held the Round Table within the Week of Germany in St. Petersburg by DAAD Information Center, German House of Science and Innovations (DWIH) in Moscow and German R&D Community (DFG).

The Round Table brought together 20 Russian universities and 15 German universities to discuss Russia-Germany student exchange problems, attractiveness of St. Petersburg for international students, tools and strategies for academic mobility.

SUAI was represented by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev and the Head of the DIA International Cooperation Sub-Department Yulia V. Makarova.

The event opened with greeting speech by the Head of DAAD Information Center Beate Kolberg promoting scientific cooperation between Russian and German education to follow with DWIH and DFG presentations on R&D exchange and technologies.

The Round Table dwelled on relevant issues of education and international cooperation answering current challenges.