SUAI at First UK-Russia Rectors Forum

SUAI at First UK-Russia Rectors Forum

November 14, 2019 the First UK-Russia Rectors Forum brought together Russian and British higher education leaders to discuss and academic mobility, online-education, talent recruitment etc. SUAI was represented at the Forum by its Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev.

Within university-university talks in the Forum Konstantin V. Losev met Stephen Flint, Vice-President for international Affairs at the University of Manchester to discuss trends and focuses of international higher education.

The participants of the Forum promoted active international contacts, dwelling on importance of cooperation in science and education for better understanding between the countries. Many of participants have had long-term warm contacts based on respect and hard work.

In conclusion, the parties agreed to enhance long-term cooperation and simplify academic mobility between Russia and UK.