Boiling Point Center Opened at SUAI

Boiling Point Center Opened at SUAI

March 4, 5 2020 SUAI holds the opening ceremony of the SUAI St.Petersburg Boiling Point Center starting with over 740 visitors, lectures, master-classes and sci-tech expositions.

There are 88 boiling point centers in 54 Russian cities bringing together students, business, science, authorities and social campaigners.

In the ceremony the SUAI Rector Yulia Antokhina supported Boiling Point principles of knowledge exchange and open discussions.

The brand new Boiling Point Center at SUAI is stylish and modern, said the guests of the ceremony from WorldSkills initiative, city administration and engineering industry.

SUAIs Boiling Point Center is going to attract more than 15 000 participants during the first year of operation, with over 300 events planned.