Letter of Support from SSPU

Letter of Support from SSPU

One of SUAIs key partner universities, Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU), sent a letter of support to cheer up SUAIs employees.

Dear Rector Yulia Antokhina and partners from SUAI,

We greet you and thank for the words of support that you sent us during the pandemic situation in China. We feel your support and care.

The situation with COVID-19 is aggravating and the number of cases in Russia is growing. We would like to encourage you and your colleagues, SUAIs students and faculties. Take care of your health and safety, please. We strongly believe that joint efforts by Russian people and world community will see the problem solved.

SUAI is an important partner to SSPU. Our cooperation has been increasing yearly and we have achieved great results together. We believe that the virus will be defeated and our partnership and friendship will last forever.

Best regards,

Shanghai Polytechnic University