SUAI Participates in Webinars by HSE in St. Petersburg

SUAI Participates in Webinars by HSE in St. Petersburg

June 25, a series of webinars by St. Petersburg Higher School of Economics (HSE) finished. SUAI and other Russian universities gathered four times to discuss work of universities during the pandemic. The webinars concerned university reputation and transformations in educational process for the academic year 2020/21.

  • June 4, the webinar talked on reputation and enrollment campaign issues.
  • June 11, the topic was world rankings during the pandemic.
  • June 18, the participants discussed university adaptation to new reality.
  • Finally, June 25, the series closed with discussions on online-education.

The participants considered cases of Russian and international universities to use experience in fighting COVID-19 issues.

The webinars resulted in establishing of a new education community aiming at development of national education and creation of its better image abroad.