Central America Independence Days

Central America Independence Days

September 15th, 2020 Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador celebrate their Independence Day. Thus, the Honorary Consuls of El Salvador, Guatemala and Ecuador organized a meeting for friends and partners of Latin American countries in St. Petersburg on September, 17th.

SUAIs vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin Losev represented SUAI to thank the Honorary Consuls for cooperation in science and education and congratulate them on the important date for their countries.

Tatiana Mashkova from the National Committee for Enhancing Cooperation with Latin America (CN CEPLA) held a speech to promote student and faculty exchange between the region and Russia, also speaking about SUAIs role in strengthening such contacts, especially with Chile.

Russia is very glad to cooperate with Central American countries in a friendly, understanding way, hoping for a growing partnership in the future.


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