28 , 2020
SUAIs 24 Educational Programs are Best in Russia

SUAIs 24 Educational Programs are Best in Russia

Academic and professional community, interviewed by professional education experts, has chosen 24 educational programs at SUAI as the countrys leaders. The programs are now listed in Best educational programs of innovative Russia-2020 guide book.

The project on best educational programs of innovative Russia has functioned since 2010 nominating leading educational programs for training experts. Choosing the best programs, the accreditation offices analyzed average state exam scores, international and national olympiads organized by universities, scholarships obtained by students and demand of the specialty in labor market.

The information about the programs marked by the experts will be uploaded to, Best Educational Programs section.

22 , 2020
SUAI Holds International Scientific Conference on Economics and Managing Science-Based Manufacturing

SUAI Holds International Scientific Conference on Economics and Managing Science-Based Manufacturing

May 22, 2020 a Plenary Session of the International Conference on Economics and Managing Science-Based Manufacturing was opened in Zoom by the SUAIs Rector Yulia Antokhina.

The Conference, organized by SUAI, RAS, the Free Economic Society of Russia, SUAIs UNESCO Department and Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall, brought together Russian and international science, industries and research.

The Conference will listen to the reports within 7 sessions on modern technologies in economics, entrepreneurship and management. The reports will be discussed and chosen to be published in the science journal on Actual problems of economics and management (indexed in RSCI).

14 , 2020
SUAI Students Attend International Lectures on Aviation

SUAI Students Attend International Lectures on Aviation

May 12 and 14, 2020 Ivan Berazhny, a senior lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Aviation Business, offered online lectures to the students of transport technology processes. The lectures included an introduction to airline revenue management and a review of COVID-19 impacts on airline fares. Ivan Berazhny provided the students with latest insights, relevant statistical information on airline performance, including IATA sources, current approaches to airline strategic development, airlines positioning at different markets, and airlines decision-making when managing the pricing of airline products.

Our students Natalia Prishcepa, Sofia Bogdanova, Elizaveta Suslova, Semion Aleskeev, Anastasia Gorelova and Polina Erofeevskaya listened to the international speaker, asked questions in the chat and left positive feedback on the meeting. Below you can read the impressions shared by the participants.

Prishchepa Natalia, group 1821

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the lecturer Ivan Berazhny for sharing the information and his experience in the field of civil aviation. During the lectures, we learned about how aviation performs during coronavirus pandemic, about its impacts on the airline industry, variation in fuel price, performance of hub airports and much more. A huge plus for me was that one of the lectures was conducted entirely in English, which helped me improve my learning of aviation subjects in English. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, many thanks for the experience!


Bogdanova Sofia, group 1821 

It was very interesting and informative to attend the lectures and interact with the expert Ivan Berazhny from a Finnish university of applied sciences Haaga-Helia. Thanks to this opportunity provided by the university, I learned a lot of new and useful information in the field of logistics and not only. The lecture was in English, and everyone could pose a question to the lecturer. I thank our university and our Finnish partners for such a unique opportunity!


Suslova Elizaveta, group 1821

The lectures organised by Nikolai Mayorov and conducted by Ivan Berazhny, a lecturer from the Finnish University of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia were very rich in knowledge. All issues considered were very relevant, such as factors affecting the pricing policies in the air transport industry, air transport under conditions of coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the latest statistics, an analysis of the air transport situation in the world was also given. The lecturer from Haaga-Helia explained the topics in clear language. Giving feedback to the lecturer was possible at each lecture, the teacher also answered all the questions on time. The experience of these lectures was unique and very useful.


Alekseev Semion, group 1821

On May 12 and 14, our entire group listened to lectures by Ivan Berazhny from the Aviation Business program in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. We learned a lot of facts and current information about global air transport. We practiced English, everything was very clear and understandable with a very interesting presentation and graphics. We hope that we will get another chance to listen to such lectures.


Gorelova Anastasia, group 1822

These lectures are a unique and interesting experience for us. We were able to see our future profession from the economic and financial perspectives of the air transport. We had the opportunity to ask questions and chat with an international expert in English. Many thanks to Berazhny Ivan, Mayorov Nikolay and Fetisov Vladimir Andreevich for this meeting!

Erofeevskaya Polina, group 1822

  Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for the fact that we were able to hold such concise, but so informative and interesting lectures. Thanks to our university and thanks to the lecturer of Haag-Helia University of Applied Sciences Ivan Berazhny! It was very nice to listen to him. Each of us learned about how airline revenue management outside of our country is applied, as well as about the cost of flights after removing restrictions due to COVID-19. Lectures were held in both Russian and English, which allowed us to practice our aviation English.

08 , 2020
SUAI Participates in Erasmus+ Webinar on Remote Attendance Learning

SUAI Participates in Erasmus+ Webinar on Remote Attendance Learning

May 8, 2020 University of Deusto (Spain) and National Erasmus+ Office in Russia organized a webinar for Russian and Eastern-European universities to discuss remote work and learning during the pandemic situation.

SUAI participated in the event to learn experience of Spanish colleagues and share its own tools enabling work and studies during this period.

In the webinar the participants shared their views and methods in transition to remote work and learning, discussed difficulties for some of the universities services and offices and talked on different pedagogical models in online learning.

The universities agreed that finding correct models and tools is the key issue in transition to efficient remote functioning.

05 , 2020
SUAI Participates in QS Solutions Webinar on Navigating Your University Search during Covid-19

SUAI Participates in QS Solutions Webinar on Navigating Your University Search during Covid-19

May 5, 2020 QS Solutions experts organized a joint webinar together with INSEAD R&D Center (France), Michigan Ross School of Business and Indian School of Business.

How to Navigate Your University Search during Covid-19? became the key question of the webinar to discuss with students, staff and administrations at universities. The session considered enrollment possibilities in 2020, choosing education online and responding to COVID-19 issues.

In the webinar the participants talked on current challenges and modern processes launched and accelerated due to the pandemic situation. Students have to choose their education this year without visiting campuses and the webinar recommended on how to make a better choice. Universities will also need to adapt to stay attractive for international candidates.