02 , 2020
SUAI's R&D at AeroTech 2020

SUAI's R&D at AeroTech 2020

February 26-28, 2020 Tokyo hosted the Aerospace Technology & Components Expo AeroTech 2020, with universities, R&D centers and industries arriving to represent achievements and establish contacts.

A SUAI delegation headed by the Rector Yulia Antokhina participated in the exhibition, meeting worlds leading aerospace entities.

Kyushu University, NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO CO, Unipulse Corporation, Jinpo4.0, alfaTKG Co., URYU Seisaku and Sigma Corporation are among new partners of SUAIs institutes and laboratories. These are large companies with activities and businesses in robotics, aerospace technologies, electronics and mechanics.

AeroTech 2020 was a significant event promoting SUAI in the world of aerospace industries, science and education.

26 , 2020
SUAI at Opening of International Exhibition in Tokyo

SUAI at Opening of International Exhibition in Tokyo

February 26, 2020 Tokyo opened the Aerospace Technology & Components Expo AeroTech 2020 to gather leading science and education as well as largest aerospace enterprises. A SUAI delegation, headed by the Rector Yulia Antokhina, arrived in Tokyo to represent Russian aerospace industry and R&D.

In the Exhibition industries, universities, R&D and investing companies will share experience and establish new contacts. The participants will see workshops, reports and business meetings.


18 , 2020
New Project by SUAIs Engineering Lab

New Project by SUAIs Engineering Lab

February 18, SUAIs Engineering Lab presented a new project on AI development.

In the presentation students discussed methods and technologies of machine learning, image and text processing, developing AI for robotic complexes, creating a virtual lab, developing algorithms for data analysis etc.

Georgy Korol, the Head of the AI Lab, spoke on opportunities of electronic computers enabling AI to perform most important tasks on Earth and far in outer space.

The Engineering Lab will exhibit its project at citys and national hi-tech events.

15 , 2020
American Astronaut Visits SUAI

American Astronaut Visits SUAI

February 15, 2020 for the first time SUAI was visited by an American astronaut Anna Lee Fisher with a lecture attended by over 400 citizens of St.Petersburg.

Anna Lee Fisher talked on Innovations in space exploration and working at the space station. This lecture also promoted future CosmoStart Forum to be held in November 2020 and dedicated to the 50th anniversary of launching Lunokhod-1 (moon walker).

The meeting was at the same time related to the International day of women in science (February 11th).

In the lecture Anna Lee Fisher answered questions on her childhood and dreams about flying into the space, applying documents to participate in the space mission and life onboard.

The American astronaut had a tour around the Palace of Chesma and a discussion with the SUAIs Rector Yulia Antokhina.

11 , 2020
Session on Projecting and Introducing Principles of Training Factories at SUAI

Session on Projecting and Introducing Principles of Training Factories at SUAI

February 11, 2020 SUAIs Da Vinci Hall gathered experts talking on R&D, WorldSkills standards in educational process for secondary professional education and higher education.

The Committee on Science and Higher Education in St. Petersburg, coordinator between local education, industry and technologies in building training factory models, joined the Session, opened by the Rector of SUAI Yulia Antokhina.

The Rector Yulia Antokhina talked on importance of modern education for the todays human resources market, followed with reports by E. Lyubashev, Zh. Kotina. I. Berdnikov and I. Anisimova on current challenged for WorldSkills standards.