13 January, 2020

SUAI Opens Regional Boiling Point Center

March 4, 5 2020 SUAI will open a Boiling Point Center within its premises supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The Boiling Point Center is a unique instrument for Russia and abroad training leaders, creating and promoting teams, projects and initiatives to ensure social and economic growth in Russian education, public management, digital economy and technological development.

Today the number of Boiling Point Centers under the Agency for Strategic Initiatives reaches 80 locations in more than 30 Russian cities. SUAI’s Boiling Point Center will be a new space for group work in St. Petersburg aiming at developing highly demanded skills, specialties and professions with a possibility to demonstrate, test and progress.

We invite you to the opening ceremony on March 4, 5 in 2020 attended by the city and university administrations, city’s education, business, innovations and entities.

16 December, 2019
 The 3rd International Workshop on Language, Music and Computing

The 3rd International Workshop on Language, Music and Computing

Aims of the workshop: to encourage interdisciplinary communication and collaboration of linguists, musicians and IT-specialists in the sphere of some actual problems, among which are the following: 1. Language and music acquisition; influence of music skills on language acquisition and language processing; influence of linguistic skills on music acquisition; relationship between music and language training. 2. Linguistic and music knowledge, their structure and functioning; explicit and implicit knowledge of music and language; similarities and differences in understanding of music and language. 3. Automatic classification of linguistic and music knowledge; formal models of linguistic and music knowledge; musical information retrieval vs. linguistic information retrieval. This year special topics of the workshop are: – Electroacoustic music and music informatics – Sound corpora in music and linguistics Languages of the conference: Russian & English Invited speakers: 1. Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Russia 2. Jonah Katz, USA 3. Damian Blasi, Switzerland/USA