Rector of SUAI
Antokhina Yulia

History of Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, its goals and objectives have always been caused by its profile. Born in the early complex forties of the last century from the Leningrad Institute of Aviation, LIAI began its journey up and today continues to climb. For more than 70 years from the closed branch institute we have grown into a major international scientific and educational center. We are particularly proud of the fact that at the same time we do not lose any of the traditional ways. We have retained the unique in the world of educational practice profile - Aerospace Instrumentation. The first artificial satellite in 1957, Yuri Gagarin in the 61st, the successful launch of spacecraft "Buran" in 1988 - these and other achievements of Soviet space exploration made possible thanks to our staff, students and alumni. In 2011 SUAI headed North-Western aerospace cluster. However our high school today is not just space and aviation. Among the new directions there are innovations and informatics, information security and international relations, law science, linguistics, and many others.

Today in high school we have 6 institutes, 6 faculties, 40 departments and more than 200 educational programs. A check digit reception and competition are increasing every year. SUAI successfully implements all forms of learning. The training on a contract basis is carried out too. Every year we take more than 2,000 first year students to study at undergraduate, graduate and specialties programs.

An important component in the education and upbringing activity of SUAI is the training of reserve officers, which is conducted at the military department since the founding of our university. In 2013 a military training center of the Institute of Military Education SUAI was renewed and set in. It trains staff officers for the Russian Armed Forces.

In 2011 SUAI moved to tier education, so today the main share of the educational programs of the university - undergraduate and graduate programs. At the same time we are developing and looking for new forms of organization of the educational process. On the basis of SUAI a number of programs of additional education, training and retraining are implemented. Also, we realize programs applied baccalaureate, which appeared in the practice of higher education in Russia only in 2013.

Extensive international contacts are the other one more reason to be proud of our university. Known worldwide research schools and research scientists are the foundation of our partnership with their colleagues from around the world. Our scientists and teachers together with their foreign counterparts carry out joint scientific and methodological investigations. SUAI Diploma is appreciated not only in Russia but also abroad. We are learning more than 900 foreign students from 39 countries, and our students and staff regularly participate in exchange programs and internships. USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, China - these are just a few items from the vast geography of our international cooperation.

Higher education is the base launch pad. And we give a successful start: the proof of this - the achievements of our graduates. Many graduates have become prominent scientists, heads of national science and industry, statesmen. Graduates from our high school are: St. Petersburg Governor G.S. Poltavchenko, Academician of RAS A.N Seryoznov, Corresponding Member of RAS M.M. Miroshnikov, president of the University of Film and Television A.A. Belousov, president of the holding company "Leninist" A.A. Turchak, General Director of JSC "Concern" Granit-Electron " G.A. Korzhavin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Megafon" S.V. Soldatenkov. Some of our students and graduates achieved high results in creative activity and sport. So, Andrei Moguchy, art director of BDT, studied in SUAI. We have winners of the gold and bronze medals at the London Olympics among our students. They are Natalia Vorobyova and Viktor Khryapa.

Quality diploma LIAI - SUAI provides our graduates with interesting and lucrative job and confidence in the future. And each of them is infinitely grateful to native university: in 2011 9000 our graduates from around the world gathered to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the university in the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg.

We always welcome new students and new partners.

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation! Be closer to the stars with the SUAI!

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