Rector of SUAI
A. Ovodenko
Honored Worker of Science of RF,
Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Our University is a multi-profile center of training, retraining and upgrading the level of skills of engineers, programmers, managers, economists and lawyers, a large scientific center reputed both in Russia and abroad.

We try to do our best in combining classic traditions of Universities and modern technologies of higher education. Well-known scientists and specialists of leading enterprises of Saint-Petersburg and institutes and entities of Russian Academy of Science deliver lectures at the SUAI.

Scientific schools highly reputed all over the world as well as scientific research of the University scientists form the foundation of their partnership relation with the colleagues and research centers of various countries of the world and serve as the basis for education process at all faculties of the SUAI. Modern information technologies are widely used in educational process and scientific research, these technologies include Internet, local and international computer networks.

The University constantly widens the range of educational services offered to Russian countrymen and foreign university entrants. Nowadays anyone can get at the SUAI the qualification of any level: from secondary professional education to the scientific degree of a doctor of science, from the first professional qualification in one's life to the second higher education. It is possible to be a full time student of study by correspondence; we actively develop technologies of distance education for external students. Regardless of the form and level of education the university aims at achieving the high quality if education.

It is confirmed by careers of our graduates, which include many prominent scientists, scientific and industrial leaders, public figures including I. A. Glebov, academician, who many years headed the Leningrad Branch of the Academy of Science of the USSR, A. N. Serioznov, the director of the Siberian research institute of aviation named after S. A. Chaplygin, A. N. Serioznov, academician of the Russian Academy of Science. V. V. Simakov, the Doctor of Technical Science, Laureate of the State Premium of the USSR, the director of the Design Office of experimental works of Russian Agency of Control Systems, M. M. Miroshnikov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science who had been the leader of the Russian Agricultural Institute named after S. I. Vavilov for more than 20 years, L. I. Chubraeva, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, the head of the Chair of information technologies in electromechanics and robotics, G. S. Poltavchenko, plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian federation in the Central District and other people.

We are always glad to meet new students and new partners.

Welcome to Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation!

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