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Institute 1. Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems


Deputy Director of the Institute
Associate Professor, PhD
Nikolay N. Maiorov

The Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems (formerly the Faculty of Instrumentation) is the coeval of our University. Vsevolod A. Pavlov was the first dean and the author of the first Soviet textbook on gyroscopic instruments.

The researchers and developers working at the Faculty have notably contributed to research and development of Soviet and Russian aerospace instrumentation in such fields as physical and technical research, theory and development of measuring and computing systems, systems of moving objects guidance, navigation and stabilization, automated  design and  instruments and systems testing, aerodynamic and gas-dynamic processes simulation, use of information technology in experimental research, technology, aerospace engineering.

The Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems trains specialists, bachelors and masters in modern instrumentation. About 95% of its faculty have scientific degrees, nearly 20 % of them are PhDs.

The Institute provides professional knowledge and training in the fields of aviation and space technology, health protection and safety, environmental engineering and protection, computer sciences, information systems and technologies, instrumentation and electronics.

The Institutes high scientific and technical potential allows extensive collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse and Besancon (France), Beijing, Nanjing and Xi'an (China), and Catania (Italy). Scientists and teaching staff deliver in joint research projects and students and postgraduates have an opportunity of internship there.

Many Institutes graduates have become prominent researchers, experts and public figures. Many of them head companies, research institutions and organizations. Georgy Poltavchenko, a 1992 graduate, is St. Petersburgs Governor and the former Plenipotentiary Representative of RF President in the Central Federal District.


  • Department of Aerospace Measuring and Computing Systems

  • Department of System Analysis and Logistics

  • Department of Operation and Control of Aerospace Systems

  • Department of Aerospace Computer and Software Systems

Enterprise-Based Departments

  • Aircraft Instrument Complexes and SimulationTraining Systems at Elektroavtomatika Experimental Design Bureau

  • Onboard Control Systems

Scientific and Educational Activities

  • Research and Education Center on Embedded Electronic Systems for Information Processing and Control

  • Research and Education Center on Information Support for Transport Logistics

  • International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies

  • Institute of High-Performance Computing and Network Technologies

  • Interfaculty Training Laboratory of Onboard Aircraft Systems

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Departments:  Department 11. Aerospace Measuring and Computing Systems / Departmnet 12. System Analysis and Logistics / Department 13. Operation and Control of Aerospace Systems / Department 14. Aerospace Computer and Software Systems

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