Faculties and departments

Institute 4. Institute of Computing Systems and Programming


Director of the Institute
Professor, PhD
Mikhail B. Sergeev

The Institute is SUAIs leader in computer sciences and application. Graduates - specialists, bachelors and masters - are employed in such fields as computation, complexes, systems and networks, software, computers and automated systems, software and information systems administration, mathematical methods in economics, mathematical modeling, computer science and computer engineering, and electronic devices and systems.

Students and graduates aspire Bachelor to Master to PhD degree.

By its authority and the number of applicants Institute 4 ranks among the top technical Institutes in Russia.

Training in programming combined with instrumentation complexes is deemed the Institutes specialty.

SUAIs team, always including students, successfully delivers reports in international competitions for programmers and software designers. 


  • Major Problem-Oriented Computer Complexes
  • Computer Technologies and Software Engineering
  • Computer Systems and Networks


  • Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
  • Computer Simulation
  • Industrial Microprocessor Technologies
  • Network Technologies
  • Open Information Technologies
  • Industrial Systems with Artificial Intelligence
  • Distributed Information and Control Systems

Enterprise-based Departments

  • Onboard Information and Measuring Systems at Concern Granit-Electron, JSC
  • Information and Computing Complexes at Concern Granit-Electron, JSC

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Departments:  Department 41. Major problem-oriented computer complexes / Department 43. Computer Technologies and Software Engineering / Department 44. Computer Systems and Networks

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