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Institute 3. Institute of Innovative Technologies in Electromechanics and Robotics

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Director of the Institute
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Vladislav F. Shishlakov

The Institute provides training in intelligent control systems in technical objects, innovative technologies in general and special energy, thermonuclear physics, electro-mechanical systems and robotics, and energy and resource saving.

Effective technological development is made possible only if based on computer-aided technologies and knowledge of modern IT design and production techniques allowing to employ the latest achievements in management, computer sciences and electronics. Control theory, operation principles for electromechanical devices and systems, and CAD-CAM technologies are essential components of intelligent software". Only a trained professional is capable of designing modern technology-based engineering and manufacturing systems.

To involve students and graduates into research the Institute has established the Scientific and Educational Centre for Innovative Technologies in Electro Mechanics and Electrical Engineering, with a branch-Center for Nanomaterials and Superconductivity.

Undergraduates and graduates participate in annual Conferences named after D. A. Zavalishin, head of the LIAI-SUAI Department of Electrical Machines in 1946-1959.

Multidisciplinary training provides graduates with an opportunity to implement their knowledge and creativity in atomic power engineering along with other high-tech electrical engineering and electrophysical industries. Collaboration with manufacturers and with research and industrial institutions is an ongoing process.

Institute graduates find employment at St. Petersburgs and Russias leading enterprises.


  • Technical Systems Control

  • Program-oriented Control in Instrumentation

  • Electromechanics and Robotics

Enterprise-based Departments:

  •  Neuroinformatics and Robotics at St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, RAS

  • Nanomaterials in Electromechanical and Electrical Systems at the Institute of Silicate Chemistry named after I.V. Grebenshchikov, RAS

  • Diagnostics of Electromechatronic Systems at JSC "Power Machines"

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Departments:  Department 31. Control in Technical Systems / Department 32. Electromechanics and Robotics

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