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Institute 8. Institute of Entrepreneurship Technologies




Director of the Institute
Associate Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences
Arthur S. Budagov

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Technologies provides higher education in a wide range of majors in Economics and Management. Students acquire knowledge and skills in accounting, international finance, international economic relations, economic analysis, taxes and taxation, stock market, financial management, insurance, and other specialized areas.

Along with the studies in economics following the National Educational Standard the Curriculum provides for lectures and practical classes allowing students to gain expertise and skills in IT. Special attention is paid to arts, computer and information technologies, foreign languages.

Training embraces modern techniques from games to video conferences and on-line courses. The University provides its students with computer-added studies using specialized mathematical and accountancy and taxation software; systematically updated editions on topical issues in economics and management, many books written by the Faculty professors.

Facultys highest professional qualifications ensure high-quality training: currently it employs 14Professors PhDs and over 30 Associate Professors. CEOs from various companies, senior experts and consultants from commercial banks and RAS institutions deliver lectures and conduct specialized seminars.

Of high value is cooperation with the Office of the International Institute for Educational Planning.

The experience of Harvard Business School, School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and London Business School are used to train managers.

Exchange programs allow students internship and studies abroad, participation in international competitions, seminars and conferences. The training received secures SUAI graduates employment in banking and manufacturing, in tax agencies and offices, at the Customs, with private business, etc


  • Economics and Finance
  • Information Technology in Business
  • International Economic Relations
  • Economic Security
  • Management

Enterprise-Based Departments:

  • Applied Computer Sciences at St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS)

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Departments:  Department 81. Economics Of High-Tech Manufacturing / Department 82. Entrepreneurial Information Technologies / Department 83. International Business / Department 84. High-Tech Systems Security / Department 85. Management Of Knowledge-Intensive Production

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