University mission

SUAIs Mission and Quality Policy

The SUAIs Mission comprises:

  • integrating educational, scientific, cultural and innovation activities;

  • meeting the needs of the society and the state in a wide range of educational programs;

  • developing most promising trends in science, engineering and technology;

  • training highly qualified and competent specialists;

  • influencing scientific and technological development, socioeconomic and cultural growth of the North-West Region and other RF entities.

In all its activities the SUAI is guided by the Quality Policy..

SUAI Quality Policy in scientific and educational activities

SUAI Quality Policy is defined as an ambition to meet the growing demands by the society, the firms and the state for educational services in the field of aerospace instrumentation. High-level services shall contribute to the countrys improved international competitiveness and cooperation, to Russias advancing science and industry, to both professional development and personal growth.

The Quality Policy priority is to develop the facultys creative and scientific potential, answering the challenge in both educational activities and scientific research. Therefore, highest human resource quality shall be established, necessary and sufficient for the faculty and students to achieve corporate and personal goals.

Organizing high quality scientific and educational activities is based on the few major principles: comprehensiveness and consistency, fundamentality, humanization, continuity, and succession.

The Quality Policy effectiveness is to be analysed and reviewed annually by the University management team to be amended and supplemented, if necessary.