SUAI Participates in Round Table at Russia-Tajik (Slavonic) University

SUAI Participates in Round Table at Russia-Tajik (Slavonic) University

            November 16, 2020 an online-conference was held to develop capabilities of Russia-Tajik (Slavonic) University. SUAI and other leading Russian universities gathered to offer their options for cooperation.

            The Round Table resulted from another event from October 29, when all Slavonic universities beyond Russia met to discuss current challenges in front of Russian education. Today the university from Tajikistan talked on their work with Russian and Tajik students promoting Russian education and future opportunities for the graduates.

            Russian universities offered such opportunities as exchange programs, joint research, Master and Postgraduate programs for those who study at Russia-Tajik University. Particularly, SUAI has a range of Master Degree programs popular with candidates from Tajikistan.

            More sessions with Slavonic universities from Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan are planned.

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