SUAI Participates in Forum on Export of Education

SUAI Participates in Forum on Export of Education

November 20, 2020 the Ministry of Science and Higher Education held the annual forum on Export of Education as a Development Basis of the Russian Federation: Russian and international experience.

The forum gives SUAI and other leading Russian universities a chance to discuss relevant issues in education in 2020, since the year was one of the most difficult periods for the international education. The participants exchanged tools and mechanisms that helped them overcome the crisis. Most of universities admitted facing problems but they also talked on opportunities.

Other topics of the forum were: approaches to government support and funding, coordination between Russian educational entities, the Export of Education Federal Project, media strategies promoting national education, best practices in training and assisting international students.

In the forum the internationalists exchanged their experience and developed plans for the year 2021. Among the key tasks remain double certification agreements, training programs in English and developing marketing tools for Russian education.

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