The SUAI team started the struggle for victory in the International Championship of High-Tech Professions Hi-Tech - 2022

The SUAI team started the struggle for victory in the International Championship of High-Tech Professions Hi-Tech - 2022
Today is the first competitive day of the High-Tech International Championship - 2022 in the city of Yekaterinburg. The participants and compatriot experts of our university compete with professionals from state corporations.

Scale, innovation, professionalism - this is how the championship at the site of the Ekaterinburg-EXPO IEC can be described.

Over the period of three competitive days, more than a thousand participants and experts will compete in 34 competencies. Together with representatives of large local corporations and educational institutions for gold medals will compete contestants from 16 countries.

SUAI students started to struggle for the title of the winner in the 5 competencies: Prototyping; Internet Marketing; Labor Safety; Corporate protection against internal threats to information security; Digital metrology.

Vasily Kosov, a contestant in the Prototyping competence, a student at the Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems, has vast experience in participating at championships of various levels.

Participants from state corporations are real professionals! They have a wealth of experience and special knowledge. I was impressed by their level of skills in the first stages of the test project. Despite this, I have a competitive spirit. Weve prepared a lot and want to show what we are capable of! Vasily Kosov shared his impressions of the first competition day.

This year, the competition tasks have undergone significant changes, since one of the main tasks of the championship is the transition to domestic equipment and software.

On the first day, we performed standard modules related to setting up and checking the system, then it will be much more difficult. All contestants of our competence will have to work with new equipment. The level of competition here is very high, and I am ready to master and test modern programs, - Artur Monakhov, contestant in the Corporate Protection Against Internal Information Security Threats competency, student at the Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems.

Together with the contestants, modern domestic software and technological proposals are studied by compatriot experts.

We are taking part in the Labor Safety competence for the first time. This category is one of the largest - 27 participants. Our task is in a black box, we will know all the details directly upon completion. But it is already clear that it will be completely new. Very interesting and exciting! - compatriot expert in the competence Labor safety, the engineer of the FPTI Institute.

As well the official opening ceremony of the international championship was held, where presented Dmitry Ionin, Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of the Rosatom Corporate Academy, Yulia Tsvetkova, Director of Human Resources of the Rostech State Corporation and other honored guests of High Tech.

There is still a lot of work ahead! We wish the SUAI team good luck, peace and concentration for the performance of the competition task!