SUAI project at the China High-Tech Exhibition

SUAI project at the China High-Tech Exhibition

From November 15 to November 19, 2022 the China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF)  is helding offline and online in Shenzhen (PRC)

The exhibition will be attended by representatives of Russian universities, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, state research centers and development companies, which works in priority areas for the Russian Federation for the development of science, technology, including:

Modern industrial and production technologies;

New materials and technologies;

Security technologies, etc.

The purpose of the Russian exposition is to perform the high potential of Russian and Russian-Chinese developments and projects, determine their production distribution routes, search for partners for the joint commercialization of the results of domestic R&D, as well as discussion the possibilities of bilateral cooperation between Russian and Chinese universities in the field of personnel training for innovation industry.

As part of the exhibition, on November 16, online for Russian participants and in a hybrid format for Chinese, the conference Technologies for New Networks will take place. The organizers from the Chinese side are the Shenzhen Financial Exchange (SZSE) and the Fakel Eurasian Center (at the Ministry of Science of China), the organizers from the Russian side are the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Union of People's Associations "International Union of Instrument Makers and Specialists in Information and Telecommunication Technologies".

SUAI takes part in the meeting through the online representative office of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the university is represented by Lebedev Vyacheslav F. Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Infocommunication Technologies with the project Application of the Method of Laser-Spark Research Spectroscopy in the Tasks of Researching New Materials and Technologies.

On November 16, Vyacheslav F. personally presented a report on the online conference Technologies for New Enterprises.

The SUAI project at the CHTF exhibition is presented in the online exposition of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Scientific and technical projects of a high degree of production are also included in the Collection of Materials of the Ministry of Education and Science at the CHTF.