Cooperation with Industry

Integration with the leading domestic and international research centers and knowledge-intensive enterprises in the Aerospace Industry as well as large-scale collaboration with businesses provide the SUAI a position of confidence in the educational market and a huge potential for future development.

Currently, the SUAI comprises about 20 industry-based departments, partners to leading companies in the North-West Aerospace Cluster. Experts of Saint Petersburg enterprises and research centers assist both in curricula development and teaching; students undergo internship with those companies, to prepare course papers and projects, and actively participate in research.

Interaction with businesses and organizations within the Cluster is conducted on the full circle basis from basic research to experimental development and prototyping.

The SUAI is a successful collaborator to not only domestic industry and research; there are joint Intel-SUAI and Nokia-SUAI laboratories, the SUAI-EMC permanent working groups, and the Intel-based department. Besides, the University develops long-term projects with Siemens-Networks, Cadence, and the European Space Technology Centre, the ESTEC.

Partnership with the world leaders in high technologies allows for the SUAI to build on the  experience gained in science, engineering and instrumentation and to foresee  the future demand for educational services.