Public professional interest to our University, its programs and scientific research increases year by year, resulting in signing, during the past decade, of many agreements on cooperation in scientific research and development, on student and faculty exchange, on establishing joint laboratories, etc. A number of joint international events has been arranged with such partners as the 

 and others.

The SUAI students have been participants in the Italo-Russian Student Workshop held jointly by the SUAI and the University of Catania (Italy) and in the Russian-American Student Seminar conducted in conjunction with the Indiana State University (US). They join exchange programs in following agreements on cooperation with École dingénieurs generalists ESIGELEC (France), École Nationale Supérieure de lÉlectronique et de ses Applications ENSEA (France), and Institut supérieur délectronique de Paris ISEP (France). At our University is the UNESCO Department of Distant Engineering Education.


The SUAI is the Coordinator (the parent organization) of one of the TEMPUS European Program projects aimed at developing the higher educational system and the advanced international Masters Degree and PhD programs, which makes this case unique, there being  few programs with Russias Universities participation, this program, with a Russian University Coordinator, is the only one.