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Faculty of Secondary Professional Education

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Natalia A. Chernova
Candidate of Economics,
Honored Teacher of RF,
Honored Educator of Secondary Professional Education


The Faculty of the Secondary Professional Education was established in 2006 of former St. Petersburg College of Aviation Instrumentation and Automation to be added, in 2008, by the St. Petersburg College of Electrical Engineering.

The Facultys students are 15 plus, trained in vocational and school programs middle-level expertise for computer sciences, instrumentation, machine-building, electrical engineering, technical systems control, economics, management, and law.

The Facultys students win professional contests, including those under WorldSkills, many with grants by the RF and St. Petersburg government.

On completion, graduates receive state diploma of Secondary Professional Education, many continue into Bachelors Degree at SUAI.

The Facultys stuff is made up of 50 Facultys regular professors and teachers, and 30 more of other Universitys faculties. 5 candidates of sciences, 2 Honored Teachers of RF, 7 Honored Educator of Secondary Professional Education work here. Experts from St. Petersburg industrial sector often visit to lecture.

The Faculty has its own periodical. Students are welcome to join the Center of Creativity, clubs and circles. The Student Scientific-Practical Society holds Science Weeks, sessions, workshops and conferences to improve R&D.




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