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Faculty ¹6. Faculty of Humanities


Dean of the Faculty
Doctor of Economic Sciences
          Konstantin V. Losev

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities is the youngest and fast developing SUAI’s unit.

The Faculty motto, Pulchre, bene, recte, (in Latin, excellent, well, correct) reflects challenges to be faced. The Faculty aims at achieving excellence by combined best classical University traditions and benefits of modern technologies.

The Humanities’ activities cover three main areas:

1. Improved training in Humanities for students of engineering. Courses on philosophy, history, cultural studies, psychology, philology, language science, sociology, history and methodology of science are in the University’s curricula. Physical training, both practice and theory, is also the Faculty’s responsibility, compulsory for all the students.

2. Bachelor and Master degrees in Philology. The university offers Bachelor programs with majors in Translation and Translation Studies, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (at the Department of Foreign Languages), Advertising and Public Relations, Service and Cultural Studies (at the Department of Advertizing and Modern Communications) and Political Studies (at the Department of History and Philosophy). Since 2015 the University offers Master programs in Linguistics, Advertizing and Modern Communications and Political Studies.

3. Diversified scientific activities of the Faculty. In recent years the emphasis has been on founding scientific centers and laboratories, publishing of specialized scientific periodicals, organizing and holding both national and international conferences, research financed by Russian and international research funds.



History of the Faculty

Achievements of the Faculty

Departments:  Department ¹61. Department of History and Philosophy  / Department ¹62. Department of Advertising and Modern Communications / Department ¹63. Department of Foreign Languages / Department ¹64. Department of Physical Education and Sports / Oriental Department  / Research and Education Center for Religion, Philosophy and Culture Studies

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