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Institute 5. Institute of Information Systems and Information Security

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Director of the Institute
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Andrei M. Tiurlikov

The Institute for Information Systems and Information Security ranks among best research centers in Russias North-West. The Institutes research contracts with international software and computer equipment manufacturers contribute to its authority. Many investigations are of practical value both in Russia and abroad.

The Institute collaborates with the universities in Germany, France, Britain, the USA and with such industrial giants as Intel, Nokia, Nokia Siemens-Networks, Cadence, the European Space Technology Centre ESTEC, etc. Its graduates are provided an opportunity to work for Intel, Nokia Solutions and Networks, EMC, and so on.

The Institute was a founder of the International Association for Open Innovations, FRUCT, to continue strong involvement. The Association deals with organizing international student projects, with arranging trainings, open lectures, workshops, and conferences both in Russia and abroad.

The Institute supervises the Intel-SUAI and Nokia-SUAI joint laboratories, the SUAI-EMC specialist group, and the SUAI Intel Department.

Within the Academy for Open Info-Communication Technologies undergraduates can acquire additional qualification in info-communication technologies and programing.

Faculty is proud of strong involvement into SUAIs strategic development. Under this program, the Centre for Wireless Telecommunication and the Centre for RFID Technologies are being formed at present.

The Centre for Secure Information Technologies was established in Skolkovo with the assistance of Institute5.

The Institutes Director E. A. Kruk is the Laureate of St. Petersburg Government Award and the RF Honored Worker in Science.


  • Information Systems Security
  • Information and Communication Systems
  • Information and Network Technologies
  • Data Protection Technologies

Enterprise-Based Department

System-on-a chip Architecture and Design, Intel


Fundamental Research Laboratory

Laboratory for Dynamic System Simulation

SUAI-Samsung Joint Scientific Research Laboratory

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Departments:  Department 51. Information Systems Security / Department 52. Information and Communication Systems / Department 53. Information and Network Technologies / Department 54. Data Protection Technologies

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