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Institute 2. Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications


Director of the Institute
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Alexander R. Bestugin

History of the Institute (Faculty)

The Institute of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Communication is as old as SUAI itself, established on February 20th, 1945. In April 1946 G. K. Borchvardt was appointed the Dean to organize academic activities, choose the professors and assistants for future research and development.

The Departments of Radio-engineering Fundamentals, Radio Receivers and Radars, and Radio Transmitters and TV were comprised to form the Faculty.

In the 1960s the Radio Engineering Faculty was offered to start training engineers in Radio Engineering, Radio Equipment Design and Production and later in Radio Electronic Devises.

Research and development began at the Department of Radio Receivers and Radars with the Krona project supervised by A. P. Sivers to be followed by the Department of Radio-engineering Fundamentals with its Head, I. V. Kasyanov.

Later significant results were obtained by research and developer teams supervised by N. A. Suslov, A. P. Lukoshkin, A. A. Kapustin, L. E. Ovchinnikov, B. A. Pavlov and others.

In 2013 the Faculty was renamed into the Institute of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Communications.

In collaboration with Federal Scientific Production Center All-Russian scientific Research  Institute of Radio Equipment JSC (VNIIRA) and Russian Institute for Power Radiobuilding JSC (RIPR)) two specialized departments have been established in the past 5 years.

Faculty cooperates with famous Universities of the USA, China,Canada,France, Germany,etc.

The faculty worked on the text books and research papers used by students in their studies.

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The scientific and research school of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Communications Faculty is well-known world-wide for investigations and developments.

Annual international scientific conferences in SUAI are attended by world leading experts, researchers and developers, in optoelectronics and radio physics, with the faculty, postgraduates and students involved.

In 2009 S. V. Kulakov, A. S. Bugaev, V. V. Kludzin, and L. N. Preslenyov were granted the RF Government Award for Educational Achievements.

In 2012 scientific schools of two of the Facultys departments: Department 24, under supervision by K. V. Zaychenko, Prof., PhD, and Department 25, under supervision by S. V. Kulakov, Prof., PhD, proudly became winners in the Contest by the RF Ministry of Education.


Directors Office in 67, Bolshaya Morskay str., room 52-36
Phone: +7(812) 571-19-89
e-mail: fresguap@mail.ru

Phone: +7(812) 494-70-20

Directors Office in 15, Gastello str., room 13-05
Phone: +7(812) 371-64-35

Departments:  Department 21. Radio-engineering and Fiber-optic Complexes  / Department 22. Airborne Electronic Equipment  / Department 23. Construction and Technology of Electronic and Laser Equipment  / Department 24. Medical Electronics

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