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Faculty 9. Faculty of Law


Dean of the Faculty
Professor, Doctor of Juridical Sciences
                     Victor M. Boer

The Faculty of Law at the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation was founded in 1995 to make its graduates successful professionals in law.

The SUAI and the Faculty have coped effectively with building a team of professionals and researchers to engage in educational activities and networking with law universities both domestically and abroad, developing educational and training facilities.

Faculty graduates are awarded a degree in law allowing them employment in courts, prosecutor and notary offices, investigation agencies and bureaus, the Federal Customs and tax offices, etc.

The Faculty is equipped with modern educational facilities, such as Rooms of Criminal Law and Criminology, of the Theory and History of State and Law, of the Constitutional Law, of IT in Law as well as voting, photo, and forensic laboratories, computer classes with specialized software, and the Trial Chamber.

The Faculty comprises experts and researchers in different branches of law, Russian and foreign legal community. There are retired federal judges, over 20 law enforcement officers, corporate law consultants and attorneys among them, authors of popular Theory of State and Law and Criminal Procedure editions awarded the 2007 RF Government State Prize in education.

The SUAIs Faculty of Law cooperates with many foreign law schools, with partner-largest universities in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Belarus, France, etc.

Joint Russian-Czech workshops are held annually by SUAI and the Law Faculty at Masaryk University in Brno.

Strong international contacts allows staff and students shared scientific experience and joint research projects.

Areas of Cooperation:
  • Mutual scientific and educational programs with law faculties of foreign universities
  • International educational projects
  • Joint research with foreign partners
  • SUAI Annual International Student Scientific Conferences at the Law Faculty
  • Law Theory and Practice in the Eyes of Young Lawyers Scientific and Practical Conference
  • Young Russias Lawyers Scientific and Practical Conference
  • Law Theory and Practice in Modern Russia Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference

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Departments:  Department 91. Theory of Law and State / Department 92. Civil Law / Department 93. Criminal Law and Customs Investigations / Department 94. State Law / Department 95. International and Customs Law / Department 96. Legal studies and Customs

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