Department 92. Civil Law

Brief Overview

Established within the Law Faculty in 1999, at present the Department of Civil Law is headed by A. A. Boer, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Laureate of the St. Petersburg Government Award for Outstanding Achievements in Higher Education and Professional Vocational Training, retired Lieutenant-Colonel, author of over 40 scientific papers. A. A. Boers interests lie in Civil law and protection of non-property rights.

The Departments PhDs and Associate professors are actively engaged in research, attending national and international conferences in the field, with over 100 papers published.

M. V. Serbin, the Vice-head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Member of the Russian Academy of Law, expert of the Information for all UNESCO Program, Vice-President of the RF Union of Young Lawyers, expert of the Moral Code of St. Petersburg citizen program, investigates into protection of private property rights and the election law and processes in Russia with over30 papers.

K. S. Kharin, Professor, Candidate of Law, the Honored Educationalist of the RF Higher Professional Education, civil officer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs 1954 to 1981 and at the Leningrad administration in 1981-1983, specializes in the labor law, the comparative labor law and the social security law.

The Department of Civil Law offers Bachelor degree in Law and Master programs with majors in civil law, international private law and family law.

Bachelor and Master graduates are trained to operate in the fields of law-making, law enforcement, administration and consulting practices including development and application of regulations and laws, decision making, law and order enforcement, safety of individuals, nation, private, municipal and government property protection, consulting, legal due diligence, etc.

Training of experts in Civil Law not only meets the societys demand for effective legal assistance, it is also crucial for upbringing good citizens with strong professional beliefs, high legal awareness and considerable knowledge in humanities. 

A Glimpse of History

One of the principal departments of the SUAI Law Faculty, the Department of Civil Law was established in 1999.

Until December 2013 the Department was headed by the Doctor of Law, RF Honorary Lawyer, Honorary Educationalist of RF Higher Education, RF Honored Science and Technology Worker, member of the International Academy of Acmeologic Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Law Sciences Professor N. G. Yangol.

Many experts in Civil Law, such as Yu. V. Yachmenyov, PhD, Prof. and V. V. Bondurovsky, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, have been in the Departments staff. A few graduates have joined the department after graduation.

Department staff

  • A. A. Boer - Head of the Department
  • M. V. Serbin
  • K. S. Kharin
  • V. V. Dombrovsky