Department Ļ94. State Law

Brief Overview

The Department of State Law offers the Bachelor degree in State Law, postgraduate programs in Constitutional Law; Constitutional Court Procedure; Municipal Law and in Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure.

Established in 2001 the Department is now headed by Kh. Kh. Loit, PhD, Prof., the Honored Educationalist of RF Higher Education, the Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education, retired police Major-General.

The Department lectures on Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Finance Law, and Municipal law in Russia. Besides, lectures on Problems of Sate Law, Problems of Municipal Law, Tax Law, Public Service Law, Election Law, Executive power in modern Russia, etc. are delivered.

The Faculty lists such talented lecturers as S. V. Ignatiev, PhD, Prof., the Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education, the Honored RF Lawyer, S. S. Borodin, Candidate of Law, Prof., A. A. Smolyakov, Candidate of Law, Prof., and S. S. Volnitskaya, Candidate of Law.

Graduates are versed in law-making, law enforcement, administration and consulting, development and application of laws and regulations, documentation, individual and public safety, protection of private, municipal and government property, legal due diligence, etc. Post graduate programs are aimed at research and teaching.

Training of experts in State Law not only meets the societyís demand for effective legal assistance, it is also crucial for upbringing good citizens with strong professional beliefs, high legal awareness and considerable knowledge in humanities.

A Glimpse of History

The Department of State Law was established within the SUAI Law Faculty in 2001 when SUAI celebrated its 60th anniversary. It was headed by G. D. Kovalyov, Doctor of Sociology, Prof., the Honored Educationalist of RF Higher Education. His effort was crucial in gathering the teaching staff, gaining scientific potential, and in setting out the Departmentís further development.

Another scholar and a famous constitutionalist, A. V. Zinoviev, PhD, Prof., the RF Honored Scientist, has been with the Department for many years, assisting the growth.

Major research embrace governmental personnel policy and State Service Law in Russia, personal liberty in Russia, problems in local self-government organization and functioning, suffrage and election procedure, migration policy, and combating corruption.

In 2010-2015 lecturers published papers on migration policy in Russia and abroad (S. S. Borodin, S. S. Gromyko, Kh. Kh. Loit), and Election Law in Russian Federation (Kh. Kh. Loit, M. V. Serbin, A. S. Putchnin).

The Departmentís teaching PhDs and Associate Professors participate in national and international conferences, with over 100 papers published over the past 5 years. 

Research Activities

Students and post graduates are involved in research, many winners in the My Legislative Initiative All-Russian Competition under the auspice of the State Duma, the Federal Assembly, winners of the All-Russian Student Law Olympics, laureates of the St. Petersburg Government Contest of best graduation papers, etc.

The findings are published in SUAI :Law. Legislation. State journal.


Left to right: A. A. Smolyakov, Prof., A. A. Boer, Associate Prof., Vice-Head of the Department, E. N. Sergeeva, Associate Prof., M. V. Serbin, Associate Prof S. G. Dvorianinova, training coordinator, Kh. Kh. Loit, Department Head, Prof., E. V. Bolotina, Prof.

Research and scientific schools

Majors of Departmentís scientific activity are as follows:
  • State and Municipal Law
  • Tax Law
  • Constitutional and legislative problems of Municipal Law enforcement in Russian Federation
  • Financial Law, in particular, legislative regulation in small business, governmental and legislative regulation of entrepreneurial activity, legislative regulation in banking, legislative regulation of currency transactions
  • Constitutional and Legitimate Status and law making in RF entities
  • Legitimate status for the representative local authorities, procedure for public authorities, elections organization and procedures
    Scientific school on Problems of Personnel policy in public service is supervised by Prof. Kh. Kh. Loit, on Problems of State-run public authorities, by Prof. S. S. Borodin.

The Department participates in regional, nation-wide and international conferences, symposia and workshops, the findings are published and integrated in the educational process.