Department 62. Department of Advertising and Modern Communications

Department 62. Department of Advertising and Modern Communications

The Department of Advertising and Modern Communications was formed by the order of the Rector to develop scientific and research activities at the Faculty of Humanities. The first majors trained were Advertising and PR, Service and Advertising.

The Departments staff, Professors, PhDs, Associate Professors, and PhD Doctorates, are qualified experts combining teaching with research.

The Department offers Bachelors and Masters degree programs in Tourism and Catering, Advertising and PR, and Service in Tourism. 2015 was the year of first enrollment into Cultural Studies (Culturology). Professors and instructors of the Department lecture on Psychology, Sociology, Conflict Resolution, Political Management, History of Journalism, etc.

Students obtain expertise and skills in PR, consulting, branding, marketing, international advertising, etc., key to successful carrier.

The Department collaborates with SPSU Centre for Media Philosophy (headed by V. V. Savtchuk) and its staff is involved in both lecturing activities and research.

Two postgraduate programs General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Science and Social Psychology are offered to those graduated from the University.

Head of the Department is K.V. Losev, PhD, SUAIs 1992 graduate (Faculty of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Department of Radio Engineering Systems).