Department 11. Aerospace Measuring and Computing Systems

The oldest University department, the Department of Aerospace Measuring and Computing Systems is well-known both in Russia and abroad for training highly qualified specialists.

The number of alumni has exceeded 5,500 for over 60 years of its existence. Many graduates have grown into prominent researchers, experts and heads of companies, research institutions and organizations greatly due to SUAIs classic engineering school.

Recently the Department has united its educational resources with the International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (IIAAT of SUAI) set up in 1998. The Institute has already completed a number of joint research projects and is currently developing a few more. The students are involved in practical research and development, both at the Institute and through internships in the worlds leading space centers.

The Department of Aerospace Measuring and Computing Systems is fully equipped with up-to-date research devices: information and measuring instrumentational complexes, training equipment, computer classes with specialized powerful software.

The Department is proud of its long history of collaboration with International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), its IFAC Aerospace section in particular.

Of high value is participation in MAX Aerospace shows in Moscow, in Bangalore (India), in Le-Bourget, in Farnborough, etc., in European space conferences.

Among the greatest Department`s achievements is organization of sections, plenary reports at IFAC Congresses in Seoul and Milan, at numerous IFAC symposiums in different countries.

Head of Department

A. V. Nebylov,

Director of IIAAT, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, RF Honored Scientific Worker