Department 14. Aerospace Computer and Software Systems

The scientific and pedagogical school of the Department of Information Theory and Noiseproof Coding is well-known world-wide for their investigations and developments. The Founder of the school, Prof. N. A. Zheleznov, is a prominent researcher, in 1960 having organized the USSR's first department of Technical Cybernetics at Leningrad Aviation Institute. Nowadays it is the Department of Information Systems at SUAI.

Since 1990s, the Department has been a partner of the International Symposium on Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory (ACCT).

The Department of Information Systems is proud of their R&D achievements. First of all, it is the development of speech and image compression algorithms, of new classes of codes and algorithms for compression handling, of network information transfer protocols, including wireless ones. In particular, of high importance is the research in cryptography and development of information processing algorithms for quantum cryptography and separation system on Goppa codes.

The training received secures SUAI graduates employment in wide range of arias, allowing for leading positions in innovative firms and centers and successful competition at the international level.

The Department collaborates with Intel, Samsung, Cadence, the European Space Technology Centre ESTEC, and Russias leading enterprises.

The students enjoy the opportunity of internship at the InterUniversity Innovative Educational Laboratory supported by Intel, Cadence, IBM, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, IT companies in St. Petersburg, Universities of France (ISEP in Paris, ESIGELEC in Rouen), Germany and Sweden.

Head of the Department

Yu. E. Sheinin,

Professor, Phd


In Russia:

Peter-the-Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

ITMO University

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University

State University of Telecommunications

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)

In Europe:

France.svg.png ENSTA (Paris, France)

 France.svg.png ESIGELEC (Rouen, France)

France.svg.png ISEP (Paris, France)

 France.svg.png Grenoble Institute of Technology (France)

Sweden.svg.png Lund University (Sweden)

 Germany.svg.png Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany)

 Italy.svg.png University of Catania (Italy)