Department 31. Control in Technical Systems

Department in Brief

Research in electrical machines, power supply systems and electric drives has vastly evolved in the past decades. Developments in space industry have an enormous impact on society, and demand experts in the branch.

The Department provides training in technical systems control, studies into theoretical approaches and solutions to practical problems within the field.

The students are introduced to:

  • theory and practice of adaptive and intellectual control systems;

  • development of special automatic systems for modern aircrafts;

  • development of submersible control systems for exploring the World Ocean;

  • application of computer tools for control systems design;

  • design of new electromechanical and electrical power complexes using high technologies and intellectual control systems.

The Department has laboratories of electronics and electrical measurements, of control systems and microprocessor control systems equipped with up-to-date research equipment.

The Department trains both Bachelors and Masters and also offers postgraduate research programs.


The Department seeks to address the research and educational needs of both European and global community by collaboration with research and industrial institutions. Joint projects on developing aviation ASIMIL simulators (France) and aviation brake systems (South Korea) are among major Department`s achievements.