Department 32. Electromechanics and Robotics

Department in Brief

The Department of Electromechanics and Robotics at SUAI is among the leading departments bringing together elite of scientists, investigators and educators.

An outstanding researcher Dmitriy A. Zavalishin, in 1946-1959 the first head of the Department of Electrical Machines, founded the school of dynamo electric converters.

The Department`s main focus is on space and ship industries, nonconventional and traditional low and average power sources.

Study programs enable students to take advantage of the resources found at SUAI as a modern research university, including training in development of electrical machines and nonconventional devices, in low- and high-temperature superconductivity, in application of IT in design of robotic systems and complexes.

Three research areas are key for the Department:

Electrical Machines in Automated Systems by Prof. V. V. Khrushchev

  • New Technologies-based Nonconventional Electromecanics by L. I. Chubrayeva, Corresponding Member of The Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Intellectual Control of Robots and Neuroinformatics by Prof. A. V. Timofeev