Department 54. Data Protection Technologies

Brief overview

The Department specializes in an IT field data security. The rapid development and expansion of the infocommunication technologies bring ever higher relevance to the issues of data protection. The Department trains highly qualified professionals in the fields of advanced technologies in data security. The Department has a number of laboratories equipped with the necessary hardware, software and up-to-date equipment.

The Bachelor program offers specialization in Information systems security. Masters are trained for Information Technologies Security in Law and Information Systems and  Technologies. The postgraduate program is aimed at training both research and teaching staff in the following fields: Data protection legislation and data protection hardware, Web development, Cloud security, RFID technologies, Cryption codes.

Workshops and projects

The Department participates in various scientific and research projects, nationwide and international workshops on information security and advanced information technologies.

Senior students can participate in the Departments R&D or develop their own innovation projects for such contests as U.M.N.I.K., Demola, Hackathon, ITGO, etc.

R&D projects:

  • Analysis and development of digital watermarks systems

  • Improved error-correction codes

  • Applations of antinoise coding


  • NTNU (Norway)

  • University of Rennes (France)

  • Brno Technical University (Check Republic)

  • TUT (Finland)

  •  Roboschool 2015 Intel school (Russia)

  • Siemens

  • Reliability and information security of the European speedways

  • Reliability and information security of the microhypervisor

  • Huawei (on BigData security)

  • Roskosmos, NASA, EuroSpace (on Security of the radiofrequency identifiers-based systems)