Department 2. Applied Mathematics

Department in Brief

Founded in 1976, the Department of Applied Mathematics was first headed by Sergey A. Ponyrko, PhD, Prof. Since January 1991 till present its Head has been Victor G. Farafonov, PhD, Prof., Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation.

The Department primarily aims at training junior students in natural sciences. Currently, the Department consists of three sections: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering Graphics.

The Department provides fundamental training in mathematics combining a university style approach with focus on practical application of mathematical methods in investigation.

The Departments handbooks on probability theory and mathematical statistics, complex variable functions theory, mathematical physics equations, computational mathematics and mathematical logic are widely used in many technical universities.

The Department investigates into mathematical theory of electromagnetic scattering, quantum nanoelectronics, mathematical modeling with 14 PhDs.

The Department uses its computerized system for SUAI distant courses.

A Glimpse of History

Since its foundation in 1976, the Department was headed by Sergey A. Ponyrko, PhD, Prof.


A 1949 graduate, he worked at the department of gyroscopes and stabilizing devices, and then left for LEEI. After his PhD he returned to LIAI to be engaged in successful teaching and scientific activity. In 1964 he co-authored a still relevant book "Stabilization and Aircraft Autopilots".

Courses in "Theory of Probability", "Theory of Complex Variable Functions", "Mathematical Introduction to System Engineering", and "Computers in Engineering and Economic Calculations" were developed by the Department.

In 1986-1987 A. L. Alimov, Associate Prof. remodeled the Department in line with the changed conditions.

In 1987 the 3rd Head of the Department became a famous researcher in mathematical physics, V. F  Lazutkin, PhD, Prof. Under him the Department was strengthened by brilliant graduates of physical faculty.

Since 1991 the Department has been headed by V. G. Farafonov PhD, Prof.

Viktor G. Farafonov, PhD, Prof., Head of the Department

Vladimir I. Ustimov, PhD, Associate Prof., Vice-Head of the Department



Programs and Degrees

The Department offers Postgraduate courses in Mathematical Physics and Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes.

Currently the Department offers multiple courses for students of engineering, e.g. Probability theory and mathematical statistics, Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms, Numerical methods, Computer science and IT, Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics, Engineering and computer graphics, etc.

The Department participates in various national and international conferences and workshops.

Professor V. G. Farafonov, a leading expert in mathematical theory of electromagnetic scattering, has achieved international recognition (his Citation Index exceeds 500) He is the author of Single light scattering: computational methods (London 2006), Light scattering by multilayered non-spherical particles, (Saint Petersburg 2009) and Application of non-orthogonal bases in the theory of light scattering by spheroid particles" (London 2013). He is most famous for his solution of a classical problem of Electromagnetic radiation scattering by multilayer spheroid particles (see Farafonov V. G  Diff. Eq. v. 19. p. 1319-1331, 1983; Voshchinnikov N.V., Farafonov V.G. Astrophysics Space Science. v. 204, p.19-86, 1993; Farafonov V.G., Voshchinnikov N.V., Somsikov V.V. Applied Optics. v.35, p.5412-5426, 1996; Farafonov V.G., Voshchinnikov N.V. Applied Optics. v.51. p.1586-1597, 2012).