Department 5. Innovation and integrated quality systems

Department in Brief

The Department trains students in Quality, Innovation and Technical Security Control focusing on the needs of leading producers and high-tech companies. 9 PhDs, including the director of the Institute of Innovation and Basic Master Training E. G. Semyonova, PhD, Prof., provide expertise in modern quality management systems, and in improving the products and services quality. The program is a compound of mathematical, natural-scientific and professional subjects.

  The Department trains Bachelors in Quality management, Innovation management, Engineering security, Masters in Quality management systems, Innovation management and Re-engineering of enterprises and organizations. Postgraduates research in Instrumentation technology; Automation and control of technological processes and production; Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes.

The courses trained list IT in designing, legal issues of intellectual property and innovation protection, methods of management and marketing, project and staff management, etc.

The Department operates in close contact with foreign and Russian experts of the International Centre for quality engineering, offering foreign internships and part-time employment.

Employees of the department

The Department of Innovation and Integrated Systems of Quality today is a friendly tight-knit team of professors, young PhDs, ambitious postgraduates and motivated students.

A Glimpse of History

A forerunner of the todays Department, the Department of Radio Engineering Fundamentals was formed with the Radioengineering Faculty in 1945, and was first headed by G. Karpov, PhD, Associate Prof.

By early 1960s the Department employed a number of PhDs, A. A. Lapis, T. M. Letoshneva, G. K. Ulyanov, K. I. Ryzhov, I. V. Kasyanov, K. K. Reutova, with research activities in antenna-feeder devices, specialized radar stations, ultrasonic vibrations and dispersive delay lines.

In 1968 the Department was divided into the Department of Radio Engineering Fundamentals (based in Gastello str., 15) and the Department of Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) following developments in aerials and aircraft control.

In 1980 the UHF Department was renamed into the Department of Design and Quality Control of Electronic Equipment, headed by A.G. Varzhapetyan. The Department had two acting sections: section of ultrahigh frequencies technology and section of electrical radio measurements. In 1980 the department was headed by Doctor of engineering, Professor A. G. Varzhapetyan, PhD, Prof. Significant contribution was made by V. F. Mikhailov, A. A. Kharitonov, O. I. Illarionov.

Employees of the Department in the mid-1980s

In 1986, an automated measuring complex devised by S. B. Romanov, V. V. Runkin, A. A. Svetlov and D. A. Ushakov (under V. I. Shirokov, PhD and V. F. Khudyakov, PhD) was awarded the gold medal for the 1986 Best Student Development by the USSR Academy of Sciences, for the first time in Leningrad.

   Departments lab

Departments lab

By 1995, following political disturbance, almost all laboratories of the Department were closed. Still, research was conducted in electrochemical power devices under V. A. Khabuzov which resulted in setting power electronics laboratory in 2001.

In 2000-2001, the Department introduced programs on Quality management and Metrology and metrological support.

In January 2008, a new faculty was formed, Institute of Innovation and Basic Master Training, with five departments, including the Department of Quality Management to later change its name into the Department of Innovation and Quality Management with new programs in Innovation and Innovation management.

Elena G. Semenova PhD, Prof., Head of the Department

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The Department of Innovation and Quality Management participates in national and international conferences and workshops with students projects, including the Annual SUAI Conference.


The Department collaborates with:

  • Finland.svg.png The University of Helsinki (Finland) ,

  • Germany.svg.png North-Western department of SIEMENS,

  • Finland.svg.png NOKIA.

  • France.svg.png The ESIGELEC Graduate School of Electronics (France)

  • France.svg.png The University of Toulouse (France)

  • Canada.svg.png The University of Western Ontario (Canada).