Department ¹6. Metrological Support of Innovation Technologies and Industrial Security

Brief Overview

“Science begins when one begins to measure, no exact science is possible without measuring”, the words by D. I. Mendeleev, a chemist and the father of metrology in Russia, are true, especially in today’s competitive environment of ever increasing demands to product quality. International trade requires the uniformity of measurements and standardization. A new branch, nanometrology, is fast developing in line with nanotechnologies.

The graduates, specialists in metrology, who are in high demand by the market, can find employment with research and educational institutes, control and measuring equipment producing enterprises, certification laboratories and metrological services.

A Glimpse of History

The instruments, the SUAI’s specialty, are designed for and always involve measurement and measuring tools and techniques have always been studied profoundly at SUAI.

On September 1st, 1946 the Laboratory of Radio-technical Measurements was set up within the LAI. Since the 1980s the research at the Department has been focused on development of quality control tools and techniques. In 1989 two specialized departments were formed: the Department of Theory of Radio-engineering and the Department of Microwave Frequencies. The 2000s became the cradle for Department of Measurements and Standards, training professionals in metrology and metrological support. This resulted in the emergence of the Department of Metrology and Standardization in 2005.

The Department of Metrology and Standardization follows best traditions and achievements of SUAI. The study of complex measuring methods and techniques is a key to new advanced technologies. SUAI collaborates with State Regional Center for Metrology, Standardization and Testing - Federal Institution “Test-C”, with special attention to nanotech industry and nanomeasurement. The collaboration provides students with special academic activities. The development of nanotechnologies and increased attention to health and safety aspects demanded the change in the name to become the Department of Metrological Support of Innovative Technologies and Industrial Security.

The academic staff consists of experienced professors, specialists and metrologists, the laboratories are equipped with up-to-date electrical measuring and data measuring instruments.

Department ¹6 trains Bachelors in Standardization and metrology, specialists in Metrology and Metrological Support and Metrological Support of Military Weapons and Equipment, Masters in Standardization and Metrology.

The Department collaborates with SUAI’s Educational Military Center, training regular officers–metrologists, who study both common and military aspects of metrology.

While studying the students participate in conferences and seminars on the development of information and measurement systems. The students are offered internships with leading metrological enterprises. 

Head of the Department 

Vladimir V. Okrepilov