Department ¹81. Economics Of High-Tech Manufacturing

Department in brief

The Department trains Bachelors of Economics and Finance and Credit and Masters of Finance. The Post Graduate program is also offered.

The graduates find employment with financial institutions, production, tax police or city government. At present about 88% of Department’s graduates work for joint stock companies and banks as financial managers and analysts.

A Glimpse of History

The Department of Economics of High-tech Manufacturing was formed in 1992 named the Department of Economics and Finance. Since 1995 it has been headed by V. M. Vlasova, PhD, Prof.

The Department’s work resulted in licensing of new programs such as Information Systems in Economy, Accounting, Analysis and Audit, World Economy, Tax and Taxation.

At present the Department trains Bachelors and Masters in Economy of Enterprise and Organization and in Finance and Credit. The academic staff includes 4 Professors, PhDs, and 11 Associate Professors to carry out educational and research activities.

Research societies and international activities

The academic staff participates in SUAI annual scientific conferences for educators and students including the research-to-practice student conference “Modern Production Organizational and Economic Problems within Economic Globalization”.

Besides the Department organizes visiting workshops and excursions at the Goznak (State Administration for the Issue) and the Savings Bank of Russia museums, conducts an open Enterprise Restructuring and Financial Health research-to-practice seminar.

Every academic year students submit projects to compete in the “Development of organizational business-plan for new products and services in the domestic market” contest.

The basic areas of research are:

  • Analysis of enterprise’s economic activity

  • Controlling the enterprise’s innovation and investment activity

  • Improved methods for estimating innovation efficiency

  • Analysis of the enterprise’s financial stability

  • Analysis of the enterprise’s economic activity

  • Improved production forecasting and activity plannin

The Department collaborates with:

Alfa-Bank, RosDorBank, URALSIB Bank , MDM Bank, the Savings Bank of Russia (Sberbank), administration of leading enterprises, banks, federal and regional bodies of tax police.