Department 82. Entrepreneurial Information Technologies

Department in brief

The Department of Entrepreneurial Information Technologies was established in June 2014 as e result of two departments merging the Department of E-commerce Business Informatics and the Department of Marketing. The new Department was headed by Artur S. Budagov, Prof., PhD.

The Department of Business Informatics was originally founded by Anatoly A. Ovodenko, Prof., PhD as a Department of Management in Sciences and Education to train specialists, bachelors and masters in Applied IT in economy and management.

The Department of E-commerce and Marketing was set up in 2000 to be headed by Anatoly P. Yastrebov, Prof., PhD.

Currently the Department trains bachelors in Applied Informatics, Business Informatics and Commerce; Masters in Applied Informatics and Commerce.

Also the Department provides courses for other students of Economics and Management.

The Department graduates 

The Department graduates obtain expertise in functional, managerial, organizational and project tasks for informatization of economic, manufacturing and social activities. They find employment in banks, government agencies, in trade and commerce.

The training offered by the Department provides graduates by both the necessary knowledge through lectures and seminars and skills through practical work. The latter is done by cooperation and joint projects of the Department and local developers and producers, the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the JSC CSPA Leninetz, the Institute for New Industrial Development after S. Y. Vitte, etc. The Department is involved in scientific conferences and workshops the regular Workshop by A. G. Aganbegyan, Academician, Prof., PhD, the International conference on Risk Analysis and Modeling for Complex Systems and the Conference on Regional Informatics, both co-chaired by the Department.

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The Department researches 

The Department researches into logical and probabilistic risk theory for complex systems; teaching science for secondary and higher education; project management; problems of innovation management in entrepreneurial activities.

The Department offers post-graduate courses.