Department 83. International Business

Department in brief

The Department trains Bachelors in Economics (World Economy), International Relations, and in Customs Law, regulations and procedures; and Masters in Economics (International Economy). The Department also offers Post Graduate program in World Economy.


 Anatoly A. Ovodenko  Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Prof.,
SUAI President,
 Head of the Department of International Business

High quality training at the Department is supported by regular internships in France, Italy, Spain, the USA, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, where students take part in various workshops and conferences.

A specialty of training here is an opportunity to study several foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish) and also join advanced studies in specialty courses offered in English and Spanish languages.

Graduates find employment or continue studying in foreign countries: the USA, France, Canada, China, Italy, Poland. 

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Students, Department 83

A Glimpse of History:

The Department of International Business was founded in 2001. Since its foundation, it has been headed by Anatoly A. Ovodenko. Its establishment was an outcome of widened contacts of SUAI with the UNESCO International Institute of Education and the Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 2011 the Departments foreign languages section appeared. It provides the study of both a foreign language, and of a number of extra subjects in English. Nowadays the Department is proud of its high-quality efficient staff: A. Ovodenko, E. Platova, I. Pavlova, V. Fetisov, V. Fokin (all PhDs, Professors), L. Trofimova, B. Lebedev, M. Berdina (Associate Professors), U. Haritonova, Assistant Professor. The Departments research is published by major publishing houses of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and foreign countries.

Department members:

  • 2.jpg Abel G. Aganbegian, Prof.

  • 1.jpg Anatoly A. Ovodenko, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Prof., Head of the Department

  • 3.jpg Irina P. Pavlova, PhD, Prof.

  • 4.jpg Galina U. Peshkova, Associate Prof.

  • 5.jpg Ekaterina E. Platonova, PhD, Prof.

  • 6.jpg Ludmila A. Trofimova, Associate Prof.

  • 7.jpg Lazar S. Heifets, Prof.   

Employees of the department

Research societies

Research activities by the Department of International Business are closely connected with  UNESCO international projects in education and with the research of the Latin America Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in economic, political and cultural problems of the region.

The basic areas of research activities are:

  • Latin America: economics and politics

  • RussianAmerican relationships

  • Major aspects of international business operations

  • Political problems in Latin America countries

  • Customs logistics

  • International banking


  • Ibero-America: economics, politics and culture Research and Practice Workshop

  • Networks in project management

  • Academic workshop by A. Aganbegan PhD, Prof., Member of RAS

  • Spanish-Russian Workshop

  • Italo-Russian Workshop

  • SUAI International Student Research Conference

International activities:

The Department collaborates with:

  • The Department of UNESCO

  • The Latin America Institute of the Russian Academy of Science

  • United_States.svg.png The Indiana University(USA)

  • Italy.svg.png The University of Catania (Italy)

  • Spain.svg.png ISFE Instituto Superior Formacion y Empresa (Burgos, Spain)

  • Netherlands.svg.png CHE - Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Ede, Netherlands)

  • Hungary.svg.png The Obuda University (Budapest, Hungary)

  • United_States.svg.png The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

  • France.svg.png The Rouen Business School (France)