Department 84. High-Tech Systems Security

Department in brief

The department history started in 2002, with the Department of Accounting and Audit. In 2012 the Department began to train specialists in the field of economic security. In March 2014 the Department was renamed into the Department of Economic Security.

Nowadays the Department offers Bachelor degree programs in Accounting, analysis and audit and Tax and taxation and Master degree programs in Accounting, analysis and audit, Public administration, Company and sectoral market economy, and a Specialist qualification in Economic security.

Students, specialty "Economic Security"

Department heads

  • Alexander V. Samoylov, Head of the Department, PhD, Prof.

  • Eduard I. Krylov, PhD, Prof.

  • Natalia A. Berdnikova, Vice-Head of the Department, PhD, Associate Prof.

Scientific activities of the Department

The courses by the Department:

  • Methodological problems of economic theory

  • Problems and trends in innovation in Russian economy

  • Strategies of increased competitiveness in national economy

  • Improvement of audit and financial performance of enterprises

  • Economic security and financial strength of enterprises

Scientific conferences and seminars

The Departments Annual Scientific Conference is part of SUAI Annual Conference. Best papers are published in the conference proceedings.