Department 85. Management Of Knowledge-Intensive Production

Department in brief

Management is an activity of controlling the operation of enterprises and organizations. It includes various functions, such as finance, marketing, advertising and HR management, covering all aspects of the companys activity.

A manager is as daring as an entrepreneur, as wise as a teacher, as responsible as a doctor, as constructive as an engineer, as inquisitive as a researcher and as rational as a lawyer. Managers not only control the company processes, but organize and lead all the activities, communicate with people, shape the company and the team culture. Success in business depends on managers qualification and quality.

Our mission is to train highly qualified and responsible Bachelors, Masters and Specialists in Management.

The curriculum is based on MBA program in Harvard Business School.

The main principles of the Department are:

  • to develop practical skills;

  • to constantly improve quality of training programs and educational processes;

  • to widen the application of computer technologies in education;

  • to develop applied scientific research.

A glimpse of history

The Department was established in 1941 as the Department of Economics and Production Organization.

It was first headed by a prominent researcher A. I. Neymark, Ph.D., Prof. Laboratories of the production planning and of instrumentation economics, successfully demonstrated at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) and at many international exhibitions, were created under him in 1966 and in 1972, respectively.

At that time the Department provided courses in Instrumentation Economics and Production Organization, Planning and Management.

In 1990-s, the Faculty of Economics began to shape within the Department. In those years, the Department trained managers in computer technology production first under E. V. Minko, PhD Prof., and later by an expert in financial management and risk management Sirotkin V.B., PhD Prof.

Since 2004, the students, both Bachelors and Masters, have been involved in internships at the Saint Petersburg companies. The most active students are offered employment.

Department members

V. B. Sirotkin Prof., PhD, the Head of the Department

  • I. A. Alexeeva Associate Prof., PhD
  • S. V. Dmitrieva Associate Prof., PhD
  • M. L. Krichevsky Prof., PhD
  • E. M. Lukina Associate Prof., PhD
  • O. Ye. Lysov Associate Prof., PhD
  • Yu. A. Martynova Associate Prof., PhD
  • A. B. Pesotsky Associate Prof., PhD
  • V. A. Semyonova Associate Prof., PhD
  • S. S. Snetov Associate Prof., PhD
  • A. I. Tikhomirov Associate Prof., PhD
  • N. N. Trofimova Associate Prof., PhD
  • L. P. Frumkin  Associate Prof., PhD
  • Ye. V. Cherepkov Associate Prof., PhD

The main areas of research by the Department are:

  • Corporate Finance: concepts and technologies of organizational financial flows
  • Risk in commercial organizational activity: methods for identification and assessment of risks, compensation of risk consequences
  • Crisis management: diagnostics of crisis and pre-crisis processes, development of turn-arounds.

Business club

In autumn of 2011 a Business Club was founded at the Department. The Clubs head is G. V. Bespalov, Associate Professor and business consultant. The Club runs trainings, round tables, seminars and workshops on sensitive issues in small business. Administration and business are often invited to Club meetings where fruitful business contacts are established.


  • Alexandrovsky College of Management and Economics, Saint Petersburg
  • Petrovsky College, Saint Petersburg
  • College of Industry and Economics, Saint Petersburg