ORION Innovative Technologies School

Brief Overview

ORION Innovative Technology School is a department within the Institute for Innovation and Master Degree Basic Training (IBMP Institute) of the Saint Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation, its work is aimed at high-school students, prospective applicants to the Institute.

The unique experimental facility offers the opportunities of applied and fundamental research, joint projects of SUAI and production enterprises. The teaching is done by highly qualified researchers and developers. Students develop their personal projects, participating in municipal and federal conferences and contests.

The Schools mission is integration of innovative technologies in determining public needs through professional interests and personal development.

Upon completion of the course, students receive Certificate and are recommended for enrollment.

ORION Innovative Technology School also offers Summer Internship for high-school students. The Internship program includes classes by the University professors and instructors, development of projects, tour around the University.

Best findings and projects are published in SUAIs Annual Conference Proceedings.

Coming events of the ORION School

  1. ORION School Conference
    Location: Saint Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation
    Address: 190000, Saint Petersburg, B. Morskaya St., 67
    Date: December, 20162.      

  2. SIC: Space. Intellegence. Creation
    Location: Secondary School 543 of Moskovsky district
    Address: Kosmonavtov Av., 28/4
    Date: March, 2017

  3. Future of powerful Russia is in high technologies Open Youth Research and Practice Conference
    Location: 191011, Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Av., 39 
    Date: April, 2017

  4. SUAI Interstation Student Research Conference
    Location: 19000, Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskay 67, SUAI
    Month: April, 2017

  5. Siemens All-Russian Competition of scientific and innovative projects for high school students


  • SUAI

  • Secondary school 543 of Moskovsky district

  • Saint Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity

  • The Wind of Change SUAI Annual Contest

Contact information:

Email: guap.orion@gmail.com

VK: http://vk.com/guap_orion